Jason Sudeikis owns around 250 pairs of sneakers.

Jason Sudeikis loves his sneakers

Jason Sudeikis loves his sneakers

The 47-year-old actor - who plays the titular character in 'Ted Lasso' - has revealed that he's a huge fan of Nike sneakers and he occasionally wears them on the sports comedy-drama show.

Discussing the fan reaction to his on-screen attire, Jason told the New York Times newspaper: "We're all so flattered by it. It's something that we were intentional about from the get-go, before we thought anyone would notice."

Despite this, Jason admits there's one person who isn't a fan of his on-screen fashion choices.

He shared: "[It] drives our costumer, Jacky Levy, a little crazy. Just for continuity purposes."

Jason explained that, broadly speaking, a lot of time and thought is given to the on-screen outfits.

The comedy star said: "Jacky is incredibly intentional about that. Certainly with Rebecca's wardrobe, Keeley's wardrobe, everybody's.

"It's not always the sneakers, either - Ted wearing an orange sweatshirt in the Amsterdam episode was intentional because the national colour for the Netherlands is orange."

Jason became a sneakerhead during his school years in the 1980s.

The Hollywood star is a particular fan of Air Jordans and Jason revealed that he loves one specific pair.

Asked to name his favourite pair of sneakers, Jason replied: "They're pretty beat up at this point, but my Jordan 1s, low, they're Carolina Blue.

"I wear them a couple times throughout the show. I genuinely love those shoes."

Jason previously admitted that he's actually been gifted some free pairs of Air Jordan sneakers.

The actor told GQ magazine: "I've always worn sneakers: first as a necessity, when playing sports, and then I suppose for no other reason than it reminds me of that time.

"When they bring out the old-school Jordans it's kind of great: you can have them all over again, shoes that I had when I was a kid - I had the very first pair of Jordans in '86. So I buy stuff on eBay or there's a great store in New York called Flight Club - they have one in LA too that I hit up.

"Recently, people from Nike and Jordan brand will send me stuff, too."

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