Jessica Chastain chooses a "different" fragrance for each "part she plays".

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

The Oscar-nominated actress - who currently fronts the campaign for Ralph Lauren's fragrance 'Woman' - often switches up her perfume to suit a specific role because fragrance is a personal choice and it helps her get into character.

Speaking to Vogue UK, Jessica said: "When I'm playing parts I choose a different scent for each part I play. So when I'm reading about something or studying a role I figure out, what would this person smell like? Because I find that fragrance is such a personal choice. It's how you're presenting yourself in the world.

"Day to day I'll take Woman and spray it on a cotton ball in the morning and then put that in my bra. Throughout the day your body heat warms the oils in the scent, so it's not overpowering and stays with you all day."

The 41-year-old actress is a big fan of a "YSL red lip" and is her go-to look because it always makes her feel "glamorous", even if she's not wearing any more make-up.

She explained: "I've always talked about the YSL red - I've loved that red lip forever. I love a look that's really bare-faced with a red lip, it's so French and so cool. Barely any eye make-up and messy hair and you're good to go. It feels so easy but it's also so glamorous."

When it comes to her hair, the 'Dark Phoenix' actress does her best to keep her locks in great condition.

She said: "I don't over shampoo it. I don't like to strip the oils out of my hair. And maybe because I like to stay out of the sun I wear a hat a lot which probably protects it. Sometimes I go to sleep with a hair mask on, or coconut oil. I love coconut oil. I leave it on to really sink in."