Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald is mainly known for his incredibly sexy womenswear, but it's menswear he's giving his opinion on now. 

The designer thinks that designer clothing for men is far too expensive. 

To help rectify this, he has launched his first menswear line - W10, in conjunction with retailer Matalan - as is he is annoyed by the lack of affordable fashion for males on the high street.

Julien - who recently starred as a contestant on 'Strictly Come Dancing' - told The Metro newspaper: "Certain menswear designer clothes are just too expensive, I want to offer a more affordable collection of clothing to men but with pieces that I would wear myself - something that's great but doesn't cost £5,000 for a suit or £400 for a shirt."

The capsule collection - which ranges from £20-£100 - consists of four suits along with one waistcoat, six shirts and accessories such as dickie bows and pocket squares, all of which Julien claims fills a gap in the market.

The 42-year-old designer mused: "There are not many designers that would ever do an affordable line and those that do aren't doing it very well - and I knew I could because of all the experience I've got. I wanted to enter the menswear arena like that, rather than compete with the Guccis, the Pradas and the McQueens. There isn't a need for another line like that but there is a need for this."

Julien's W10 range for Matalan is available in stores now.

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