Kendall Jenner loves wearing leather during the winter months.

Kendall Jenner loves to wear leather in cold weather

Kendall Jenner loves to wear leather in cold weather

The 28-year-old model has revealed the clothing she loves to wear when temperatures plummet and embraces the "vibes" that come with winter accessories.

Kendall told Elle: "I'm super into leather always.

"I love a scarf around my head, dope sunglasses, and ear muffs. It's just... all the vibes."

'The Kardashians' star has been working as the creative director for FWRD for the past three years and many of her must-have pieces are on display at the label's new pop-up shop in Aspen, Colorado.

Kendall explained: "It's a really fun creative outlet for me; I get to scour through what's coming onto the site and see things I wouldn't normally look at."

Despite her love of fashion, Kendall will not be gifting any top accessories for her famous siblings this Christmas.

The former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star said: "As cheesy as this might sound, more of my time - but obviously, there are gifts involved.

"I just really love quality time. So for my personal wish list - as well as what I'm giving this year - I'm excited to vacation with my friends in early 2024."

Jenner started her work with FRWD in 2021 and explained at the time how she wanted to champion independent designers with the platform she has.

She said: "I hope, in some small way, this is a chance to give more emerging creatives this kind of platform.

"I work with a tremendous amount of people who not only inspire my high fashion but also my day-to-day choices. The digital space is such an important tool for many of today’s creatives, and it’s definitely a window into the next generation of talent."

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