Lennon Gallagher is the new face of Topman.

Lennon Gallagher

Lennon Gallagher

The 17-year-old model, who is the son of former Oasis band member Liam Gallagher and his former partner Patsy Kensit, has been announced as the brand ambassador for the high street label, and under his partnership with the company he will front the brand's Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign.

The upcoming collection has been described as mixture of "modern street culture" and "retro sportswear", as the collection will explore four trends including Youth Clash, Modern Prep, Terrace boys and Nomadic Sport.

The news of Lennon's latest venture comes as no surprise as he graced the runway for the label earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Lennon has revealed he will often "break into" his father's wardrobe and steal his clothes, although his 44-year-old parent forbids him from checking out his clothing collection.

Speaking previously, Lennon said: "When I'm at my dad's I have to break into his wardrobe, it's like 'Mission Impossible'. [I] will go try and check them out and he'll be like, 'Don't get into my f**king wardrobe!' He's got some really cool adidas sneakers."

And Lennon has also praised his 49-year-old mother for her "really cool" style.

He added: "My mum has really cool clothes too, and I have to admit I have nicked some of them before, alongside my older brother's too.

"I did a small shoot for ID magazine and they took some photos of me wearing my brother's adidas jumper, and he messaged me from Abu Dhabi asking why the f*ck I was wearing his clothes."

Although Lennon has only recently emerged onto the fashion scene, but if his modelling or acting career is unsuccessful he has already mapped out a plan B career option.

He said: "If modelling fails and I don't get into acting I'll just go to university and talk about memes."