Lenny Kravitz has insisted his giant scarf wasn't meant to "create a fashion moment".

Lenny Kravitz explains truth behind giant scarf

Lenny Kravitz explains truth behind giant scarf

The 59-year-old singer went viral with the big scarf - which he brought back in September 2023 in a lighthearted TikTok video - and insisted rather than trying to spark a trend, he was simply trying to stay warm.

He told People: "I live in the Bahamas most of the time — yes I’m from New York — but I don’t like the cold.

"I needed it. It was out of necessity. I was not trying to create a fashion moment, believe me."

He revealed the scarf was "made for him", and he still owns the iconic fashion item even now.

He explained: "I was going to the market, just to get some groceries. Didn’t think I’d be seeing anybody.

"It was cold, and yes, I own that big scarf that I had made for me.

"It has become the meme and symbol and representation of cold weather coming."

Lenny has also become known for his dreadlocks, but he insisted that, like the scarf, they were also a happy accident.

Back in the 1980s, he moved in with Lisa Bonet - who he later married and divorced - and took everything with him except for his haircare items.

He said: "[The locs were] something that [were] actually unintentional.

"I had never planned on dreading, but I moved in with Lisa — I brought my instruments, my things, and somehow, I forgot my comb.

"And after, like, a couple months, my hair started matting, and I was like, oh, I better do something."

However, Lisa encouraged him to keep the style, and he did for over a decade until he chopped them off in 2000.

He would later grow them back, but he described the moment he initially cut them off as "very heavy".

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