Leslie Odom Junior thinks people become more "style conscious" as they get older.

Leslie Odom Junior

Leslie Odom Junior

The 36-year-old actor believes people start to take more pride in their appearance as they age, and though he gained some "sympathy weight" when his wife Nicolette Robinson, 29, was pregnant with their first child Lucille, he relies on his All Saints garments to cover up.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the 'Murder on the Orient Express' star said: "As you start to become style conscious as you get older.

"All Saints makes a black cotton T-shirt that I bought in a size large, because I gained some sympathy weight with my wife when she was pregnant, and [the shirt] doesn't make me feel like one of the Thanksgiving Day floats. I enjoyed it so much I bought six more. Now that I've lost some of the weight, I could probably go down to a medium, but I'm still liking the large and it's my staple. I can throw a sports jacket over top with a pair of jeans by Uniqlo, which I love. I love their black cashmere sweaters, too."

Leslie has recently been announced as the face of Fossil, and he has admitted it "made sense" to collaborate with the label.

Speaking about his latest partnership, he said: "You're going to meet many guys who reach for Fossil for their first major watch purchase when they are no longer getting a watch out of a bubblegum machine. That was certainly the case for me. It was a brand partnership that made sense. I get lots of compliments on my watch. They have a digital smartwatch and one that has a traditional face and then has a couple of smart elements."

And Leslie has hinted he would like to dabble more in the fashion business, and he believes there is a "niche" in the "baby market", which him and his spouse would like to explore further because they had difficulties dressing their six-month-old daughter.

He said: "There is a niche in the baby market that my wife and I found in trying to dress Lucy. I don't want to say too much yet, but I think that's how a lot of things happen in that you see something missing in the marketplace and think, 'Let's create that thing.'"

However, Leslie "never thought" he would be involved in the fashion business because he is "picky" about fabric.

He explained: "I never thought I would be into fashion, but I do get picky about what fabrics Lucy is in and what patterns she's wearing. I want to have the best of everything for her and I'd love it to be affordable."