Victoria Beckham says daughter Harper is already "like a pro" at "putting on make-up".

Victoria with husband David and kids Harper, Cruz and Romeo

Victoria with husband David and kids Harper, Cruz and Romeo

The 49-year-old fashion designer has 12-year-old Harper and sons, Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, and Cruz, 18, with her husband David, 48, and the couple's only girl is starting to experiment with beauty products as she nears her teenage years.

But unlike many young girls who endure make-up fails when they first start using products, Victoria insists Harper has a natural talent for knowing what works and what suits her face, and she already realises that less is more.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the Spice Girls star said: "She’s like a pro when it comes to putting on make-up. But she also knows what’s appropriate. I wouldn’t want her going out wearing lots of make-up. But nor would she. Maybe just a small, natural-looking amount."

Victoria recognises that Harper "went into summer 2023 a child and has emerged looking much more grown up”.

The pair have been bonding over their mutual love of make-up and spend hours experimenting with cosmetics with one another.

Those hours spent trying various products whilst spending the summer months in Miami - the home of retired soccer legend David's MLS team Inter Miami - has allowed the 'Wannabe' hitmaker to perfect the new Victoria Beckham Beauty mascara.

She said: "I tried everything in the Miami humidity. Ours is the only one that doesn’t end up halfway down your face."