Lily James is a "bit haphazard" when she applies her make-up.

Lily James

Lily James

The 27-year-old actress has admitted she struggles with applying cosmetic products and because she finds the beauty process so problematic she has decided to simply axe it from her daily routine and instead opts for a more au naturel aesthetic.

Speaking to InStyle Online about beauty, the 'Pride and Prejudice' star said: "I'm a bit haphazard when it comes to make-up, so I don't actually wear much day to day."

Although Lily has admitted she has become a new fan of the contour trend, which she slaps on to her face "like war paint".

She explained: "I do love contour sticks though - I'll draw it on like war paint to fake killer cheekbones."

And Lily - who was announced as the face of the luxury fashion house Burberry's My Burberry fragrance earlier this year - has admitted she has received beauty advice from director Rufus Norris, as well as Salma Hayek.

She explained: "When I was 14, I was in a play at the Young Vic and the director, Rufus Norris, said, 'I think you should grow out your eyebrows.' At the time, I'd plucked them so much they were basically one hair thick. When they grew back I was like, 'Jesus, this is so much better.' Now I never touch them.'

"[And] Salma Hayek once told me the secret to her amazing skin is using only hot water."

And Lily has revealed she vows to follow the 50-year-old actress beauty tips even when she is inebriated.

She added: "So now I always try to take off my make-up, even if I'm drunk. I'll cleanse then moisturise using Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream."

Meanwhile, the golden-haired beauty has revealed she torments her friends with her skincare treatments, although she has revealed some of her beauty choices mean her boyfriend Matt Smith will avoid planting a kiss on her lips.

She explained: "I'm really into hydrating face mists right now. Ren does a really cool anti-pollution one that I keep in my handbag and spritz in my friends' faces.

"I'd love to do a red lip more often but I hate not being able to kiss my boyfriend!"