Madison Beer has opted for a more "sexy" style of outfits for her new tour.

Madison Beer is excited for fans to see her new tour wardrobe

Madison Beer is excited for fans to see her new tour wardrobe

The 24-year-old pop star is on the road with 'The Spinnin Tour ' and explained that she wanted her look to feel "more evolved" than when she last toured throughout 2021 and 2022 and is "excited" for fans to see what she has managed to do with her wardrobe.

She told Access Hollywood: "Last time was sort of a princess vibe, very fairy tale energy. This time it's a little more sexy, maybe evolved, more mature. I'm excited for people to see how I've taken the last outfits and made them a bit more that."

Meanwhile, the 'Good in Goodbye' singer - who got her big break when fellow pop star Justin Bieber spotted her singing on YouTube in 2012 and tweeted the video to his millions of followers - recently attended the Grammy Awards wearing a custom white ballgown and explained how the number was inspired by a photograph of her as a child.

She said: "I was inspired by this photo I found of myself as a child and I was wearing this little white dress with a bow on it and so we kind of thought 'How can we make a mature version of this?' I'm really happy with how it turns out."

However, when it comes to getting in shape for her tour, Madison did not feel that it was necessary to copy Taylor Swift's infamous method of running on a treadmill whilst belting out her entire setlist.

She said:" I definitely didn't do that, I probably should, to be honest with you but I prefer doing this.

"I'm just with my band and we're just rocking out and having a really good time and it's feeling really good. My stage isn't as big as Taylor Swift's so I don't feel like I need to be running on a treadmill!"