Style maturity happens at 37 for men

Style maturity happens at 37 for men

It takes men 37 years to reach style maturity according to new research, but what’s more surprising is the fact that’s eight years earlier than women, who don’t feel comfortable with their sense of dress until they reach 45.

Almost a quarter of men under the age of 37 admit they struggle when shopping as they don’t know what looks good on them, compared to just eight per cent of over 37s. One in six men are self-confessed anti-shoppers and admit they grab whatever looks okay to keep their shopping trip quick while more than a quarter of blokes are so unsure about what to buy they wait until something they like is worn out or broken before replacing it.

Whether they’re confused by chinos and perplexed by polo shirts, one in six men admit they turn to friends for style guidance because they simply don’t know where to start. A further one in eleven looks to celebrities for style inspiration trusting they’ll pick up fashion tips from the red carpet.

Despite this, a man’s wardrobe is far from sparse - the average guy owns 66 items of clothes and 15 pairs of shoes. At their prime age “fashionmisters” will own over 100 pieces of clothes, with a typical wardrobe containing up to 14 t-shirts, seven suits, nine polo shirts and 20 pairs of shoes.

British blokes have crowned a good pair of jeans as their go-to item for instant style confidence with one in three revealing the wardrobe staple makes them feel good. A smart jacket is the preferred wardrobe classic for nearly a quarter of guys and one in six don a crisp white shirt to feel stylish.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Farrell are two 37-year-olds who are definitely style confident. Both can regularly be found on best dressed lists with their dapper looks and sharp suits. Soon to be joining the 37 club is clothing designer Kanye West who will see his style maturation process complete this June.

The research also reveals the five step formula which British men claim is the key to style confidence:

  1. Knowing what size fits
  2. Opting for quality over quantity
  3. Finding an item that looks good and sticking to that style
  4. Finding and sticking to a failsafe brand
  5. Being able to buy clothes without seeking advice

Anita Naik, consumer editor at who conducted the research, commented: “It seems style confidence comes quicker to men than women, but 37 years is still a long time to wait to hit your fashion prime. While it is good to rely on a few failsafe brands and items, why not experiment a little with colour or style as something new might look brilliant

“It’s great to get advice from friends and family, but when shopping it’s important to trust your own instincts. Try shopping on your own to avoid feeling stressed or silly in something which doesn’t look quite right or shop online so you can try everything on in the comfort of your own home. , If you do decide to branch out in the style stakes  why not check online for any offers or vouchers to make updating your wardrobe a much more affordable experience.”


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