Michael Kors wants to write "five books" about his life.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

The 57-year-old fashion designer - who launched his first womenswear clothing range for his eponymous label in 1981 - has revealed he wants to pen a number of memoirs based on his personal experiences throughout his 35 years at the helm of the fashion industry because he has a "very good memory" of events and shenanigans occurred during his time.

Speaking about his plans for the future to The Hamptons Magazine, the creative mastermind said: "I think I have five books in me. I have five books in me and a very good memory!"

And the American star - who has worked with Michelle Obama, Catherine Zeta Jones and Rachel McAdams - has revealed despite his successful career he has no plans to retire and believes he has become "more curious and more engaged" in fashion than ever before.

He explained:"I have to say, 35 years in, I am more curious and more engaged than ever because, quite honestly, life is changing, and for a designer, when things change, that's when it's exciting. People are communicating differently, shopping differently, and living differently. All the old rules are gone, [or at least] diminished, and I think they will continue to evolve.

"If you think about what I stand for as a designer, everything I do is glamorous but laid back ... To me, nothing is better than you're at a cocktail party in an extravagant pair of trousers, but you're barefoot and you're wearing your husband's t-shirt.

"It's that high-low mix."

Meanwhile Michael, who is releasing a new fragrance Wonderlust to mark his milestone in the business as well as technological wearables, has admitted the forthcoming beauty product is based on "the unexpected".

He explained: "I'm always up for anything ... I'll do anything that you come up with, and so we really wanted a fragrance that talked about the idea that you are up for the unexpected, you are willing to experiment and you want to have fun.

"Michael Kors is always going to be one part glamour and indulgence and one part pragmatism and wearability, and if you can combine the two, it's the greatest thing."

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