Britain's Missing Top Model was always going to stir up controversy and already contestants and viewers alike are divided over what really classes as a disability in the modelling world.

The debate started after Sophie questioned the fairness of the competition because, although Lili and Kellie are profoundly deaf, they do not have any outwardly visible sign of disability.

When Kellie stepped up to take her turn posing in a shop window as part of this week's lingerie task Sophie complained: "How is that any ... different? Kellie standing in the window? You can't tell she's deaf. You can't see any difference at all".

The growing tensions between Sophie and Kellie soon became obvious to the rest of the contestants and to mentor Jonathan Phang.

When Jonathan pulled Sophie to one side to discuss her views she explained that she wants to see a visually disabled model to win the competition to combat the inequality in the fashion world. However Jonathan didn't completely agree with her point saying: "The winner of this competition will be judged on how well she performs as a model, not about making a visual and political statement."

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