Ncuti Gatwa loves "sexy, sensual" clothes.

Ncuti Gatwa at the Hollywood premiere of Doctor Who

Ncuti Gatwa at the Hollywood premiere of Doctor Who

The 31-year-old actor looks for pieces that suggest both "strength and vulnerability" when he's walking the red carpet and likes to reflect his own emotions with his wardrobe.

He told Hollywood Reporter Style: "How do I say this in a PG way

“I’m someone that very much wears my heart on my sleeve. My emotions are very clear for everyone to see, so I like pieces that have a mixture of strength and vulnerability.

“I always like something a little sexy, sensual.”

And the 'Barbie' actor, who works with stylist Felicity Kay, likes to incorporate his characters into his wardrobe.

He said: “How can I tie in the character or the show with me in a ‘fashion’ way?”

For the Hollywood premiere of the new season of 'Doctor Who' this week, Ncuti looked to a navy double-breasted pinstripe suit which he wears as the Timelord and "absolutely fell in love" with the outfit he wore, a power-shouldered black suit, accented with a silver belt, from Achilles Ion Gabriel’s debut collection.

He said: “It just had this really cool, punky, rocker element, which I love because the show feels quite punk, as well as nerdy.

“I just thought it was so different from anything I’ve done before. It was more … clothed...

“It’s a twist on traditionalism, which is like everything that we’re doing with this show.

"There’s a twist to this traditional, institutional show that’s stepping into the modern era. So the suit is a bit of an ode to that.”

And the 'Barbie' star likes to champion emerging designers during "big moments" for his own career.

He said: “It speaks to my journey as an actor, as well. It’s worthwhile to support emerging artists because they are the ones that are pushing the narrative, and then pushing us forward.”

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