Nina Dobrev has been announced as the brand ambassador of Reebok x Les Mills partnership.

Nina Dobrev (c) Instagram

Nina Dobrev (c) Instagram

The 28-year-old actress has made it known she is a fitness fanatic, so it comes as no surprise the brunette beauty has been hand-picked to represent the brand.

And the former 'Vampire Diaries' star has shared the exciting news of her latest venture, which marks her debut campaign for the sportswear giant, on her Instagram account.

The image of Nina during an intense Les Mills GRIT workout, was captioned: "Out of breath & the sweat is real BUT, happy to announce I'm joining the @reebokwomen & @LesMillsTribe family! #Reebok #LesMills @Reebok (sic)."

Nina hopes her collaboration with Reebok and the fitness company will "inspire, engage and empower people" to get active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

She told "That's kind of my mission with Reebok and Les Mills: to inspire, engage and empower people to be fit for life."

And Nina believes the best thing about Les Mills is that the fitness sessions are a brief half an hour.

She explained: "The great thing about Les Mills workout is they are 30 minutes. You're in and you're out and you're done. They're really intense, you're sweating and working super hard, but once you get out, you feel so much better."

But the star believes there is a "deeper" sense of accomplishment after a fitness class.

Speaking previously she said: "It is a different accomplishment than most classes because it's so mental. You have to push past what you think you can do, and just go for it.

"The accomplishment is deeper and more empowering because of the mental aspect, and you know how good it is for your body."

Although Nina's busy work schedule makes it difficult for her to exercise, she makes sure she "prioritises a healthy lifestyle" to keep her feeling relaxed.

She said: "Days on set are long, but I always prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Working out helps me maintain balance and really lets me relax and recharge."

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