Rachel Zoe's puts her family before her work.

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

The 45-year-old stylist - who has counted the likes of Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Salma Hayek among her clients - always switches off from "distracting" technology when she's with sons Skyler, six, and Kai, three, because she wants to be a present parent.

Rachel - who is married to Rodger Berman - told Us Weekly: "I'm 100 percent present with my children. When you're with your children, don't be on your phone, don't be on your computer, don't be so distracted. Make sure you're there, when you're there."

While she has a thriving career, Rachel, studied psychology and sociology at university and when she graduated, she didn't expect to work in fashion, but through a vague acquaintance landed a job as an assistant at a teen magazine.

And the style guru credits her work ethic and dedication for helping her progress through the ranks, eventually leaving the publication when she was senior fashion editor.

She said: "I was hired to work three days a week, but I worked five or six days a week.

"I was the first one there and the last one to leave and the first one to offer myself to do anything."

Rachel previously admitted she thinks having a nursery at her office is one of the best business decisions she's ever made.

She said: " I opened a nursery in the office when we had a handful of employees all have babies at the same time - we had four new mothers at once. Making space for a nursery just made sense. It allowed for mothers to work with a certain piece of mind knowing that their little ones were nearby and feel focused while in the office.

"The goal was to create an environment where new mothers would not have to make a choice between career and motherhood."