Rihanna won't be wearing anything provocative to the Met Gala.

Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala

Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala

The 36-year-old singer - who has RZA, 23 months, and Riot, seven months, with partner A$AP Rocky - will be attending fashion's biggest night out in New York next month in one of her own creations, but she's admitted she prefers to dress more modestly now she has children.

Asked what she'll be wearing to the Met Gala, she told Vogue.com: “I’m gonna wear Fenty something! Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, Fenty Savage…”

“I’ve done so much s*** in my life. I’ve had my nipples out, my panties out. But now, those are the things which, I guess as a mum and an evolved young lady - emphasis on young– - there are things I feel like I would never do. Like, ‘Oh my God, I really did that? Nips out?’”

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker's 2015 Met Gala outfit, a flowing yellow gown by Guo Pei, is one of her favourite fashion accomplishments.

She said: "Nobody will ever forget that and I will never forget the feeling of discovering that designer based off of the design challenge that Anna gave me.

“And damn! You know what, no one would ever expect this, but there’s also the Stella McCartney crop top and skirt, and the party dress that she made me for that same [Met Gala] with my little ass crack out.”

When it comes to her least favourite red carpet outfit, Rihanna recalled an oversized suit that reminded her of a delivery driver's uniform.

She said: "It was a brown tan suit that we all loved so much, but the day we put it on I was like, ‘Mmm, it’s giving UPS driver,’ and that is not cute. Not for the red carpet anyways.”

Rihanna previously admitted she worried she looked like a clown in her 2015 Met Gala gown.

She told 'Access Hollywood' in 2020: "I remember being so scared to get out of that car because I felt like, ‘I’m doing too much.’

"I was driving past the red carpet, and I was just seeing, like, gowns, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m a clown. People are going to laugh at me. This is like, too much.’ I thought that. I circled like three times, I’m not even joking.

"And finally, I was like, ‘Whatever, let’s go. Let’s just go. Let’s just go.’ I know. I don’t regret it."

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