Salma Hayek was never "a fashionista"

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 48-year-old beauty is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, 53, who is CEO of Kering - who own the Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney brands - but has confessed she's never been that interested in fashion.

She said: "I was never a fashionista. I was surrounded by fashionistas who made fun of me as I didn't care. When I started going out with Francois they said, 'How did you of all people land this guy? You don't care about fashion.'

"And I said, 'You know what. That was probably refreshing.' "

The 'Everly' actress - who has nine-year-old daughter Valentina with Francois - added that although she's never really been into exercising she's taken up yoga so she can continue to eat and drink whatever she wants.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I never exercised my whole life. Now I do yoga, as I like my food. And frankly, I like my wine."

Salma also insists she has no plans to stop working and rely on her husband for money.

She added: "It's important to me I keep working and earn my own money. I like to feel independent, pay my own bills, and not turn into a society lady.

"I know how to behave if I'm invited to Buckingham Palace - but then I'll go back to my ranch and feed the chickens. That's important for my daughter to see too. She's surrounded by a lot of strong women in our family and I hope she grows up to appreciate that."

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