Sofia Vergara sleeps in ceramic wraps.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The 45-year-old actress has admitted she "loves" products, and when her husband Joe Manganiello is not home she will smother her body and hair in coconut oil, and will cover her body in the skincare product, which helps to moisturise and relax the muscles.

Speaking about her skincare regime to Us Weekly, the brunette beauty said: "But when I have time at home, I'll do masks, I will put coconut oil all over my hair. When Joe is out of town I sleep in ceramic wrap and coconut oil everywhere. I love products."

And the Colombian style icon has revealed she feels "beautiful" or "clean" if she doesn't shower.

She added: "If I don't shower I don't feel beautiful or clean, I feel like if I don't shower, I'm puffy."

But the 'Modern Family' star - who portrays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC series - has admitted her beauty regime changes depending on her work schedule.

She explained: "It depends because usually I am up at 5am going to 'Modern Family', so by 6 or 6.30am I am in full make-up, dressed like Gloria, so that's different than my regular day when I do a little bit of foundation, tinted moisturiser."

Sofia has launched a new underwear range titled EBY, which stands for "empowered by women", and sees 10 per cent of the proceeds of towards the Seven Bar Foundation that helps to aid underprivileged women across the globe.

Speaking about her latest venture, Sofia said: "It's very special because it is a business that is empowering women to get their own business going. EBY means Empowering By You, it means by you going into your computer, subscribing to join EBY, getting your box of underwear that you will receive very month. We will be giving 10 per cent off the net sales of the underwear to empower women in different countries.

"And also, it's the most perfect underwear in the world. It's not exaggerating. We go all the way to four x, because we want to include everybody. And all the sizes, and even the tiny little extra small g-string, or the four x that has more coverage has the same price."

And Sofia believes her line is not only comfortable, but are flattering too.

She added: "It's not even comfortable it makes you look good because it doesn't make you have a muffin top.

"I am a 32F I don't wear a bra with like wire or anything because it's uncomfortable. But I think sleeping it depends, because in the summer is different to the winter, and when you are alone it is different to when your husband is at home."