Sofia Vergara wants her wedding day makeup to look "fresh".

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

The brunette beauty, 42 - who is engaged to actor Joe Manganiello - has offered her top beauty tips to fellow brides-to-be and insists she won't be experimenting too much with cosmetics on her big day.

She told PEOPLE: "I have a very important makeup tip for the girls [who] are getting married soon.

"I think sometimes we over think it because it's a very special occasion and we want to have everything perfect.

"With makeup, sometimes people exaggerate a little bit or make it too different because they want to do more. Sometimes, it makes it look like it's not you and when you see the pictures you're like, 'Oh, what happened to me?' So I think it's better to keep yourself looking fresh in the makeup that you've always liked and be you."

The 'Modern Family' star recently confessed she can't wait for her upcoming nuptials and feels "pretty lucky" to be marrying the 'True Blood' hunk.

The couple got engaged at the end of last year after a whirlwind six month romance and the pretty actress has insisted they met at the "perfect time".

Sofia - who has a 22-year-old son Manolo with her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez - said: "It was the perfect time to meet someone so similar to me. We like staying at home or going to the movies - we don't like to party and be in nightclubs. We are very relaxed, which is just what I want right now. We're having a great time.

"We're engaged so are planning the wedding. It's great when you meet somebody and from the beginning you have a special connection, so it's not just that you're attracted to one another but your love is a natural thing that happens. You understand the person and they understand you - it's very difficult to find. Right now I feel pretty lucky."