Tess Daly has "130 pairs" of shoes in storage.

Tess Daly

Tess Daly

The 48-year-old model and television personality has admitted she has "archived" a selection of her footwear collection "in case" her daughters Phoebe, 12, and Amber, eight, - who she has with her husband Vernon Kay - want to wear her items when they are older.

Speaking about her extensive shoe collection to the Metro newspaper, the blonde haired beauty said: "I archive mine. I've got 130 pairs in storage that I've kept in case my daughters want to wear them one day."

Although the 'Strictly Come Dancing' host has admitted she regularly shops in high street brands, her shoes are "high-end".

She added: "'m a great fan of the British high street - we have the best high-street shopping in the world. My sister lives in New Zealand and there were street parties when they got an H&M. So I'm usually high-street but I go a bit high-end with shoes. "

Tess has previously graced the runway for fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and the star has admitted during her stint on the catwalk for the 76-year-old creative mastermind she had to adorn a "notorious" pair of "eight-inch platforms".

She explained: "I did a Vivienne Westwood show once and those shoes were notorious. I had to walk in a pair of eight-inch platforms and you had to walk and turn. It's an art balancing on those."

However, the fashion icon has revealed she will never usually wear an "overly high heel".

She said: "I can't wear an overly high heel - anything over four inches and I'm pushing my luck because I have to run on and off set [of 'Strictly Come Dancing'] and dash between cables.. It would end in tears. I once lost a shoe coming down the stairs but I've not fallen over yet."