Victoria Beckham's kids want her to revisit her 1990s outfits - but she thinks she'd end up "locked away by the fashion police".

Victoria and David Beckham in 1999

Victoria and David Beckham in 1999

The 47-year-old designer - who has Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and 10-year-old Harper with husband David Beckham - revealed her brood keep digging out her old photos from her Spice Girls days and urging her to try the same looks again because they thought she looked "really cool", but she doesn't agree.

She said: "My kids pull out all my old pictures! There’s one paparazzi picture of me going into Marks & Spencers and I’m on the phone, wearing tracksuit bottoms, some sort of trainer, and I’ve got a big silver puffer [jacket].

"Cruz sent me that image a couple weeks ago and was like, “Mom you look so cool; why don’t you dress like that anymore?” And I’m thinking, if I dressed like that now I’d be locked away by the fashion police...

"“There’s one of me and David walking our Rottweiler dogs, which, by the way, were called Puffy and Snoop, when we lived in Manchester. And my kids are like, ‘Mom, you look really cool!’ ”

Victoria and David famously wore matching black head-to-toe leather outfits in 1999 and the 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' hitmaker admitted their wardrobe choice was "so wrong", but because of their choice of designer for the occasion, not their ensembles.

She told Wall Street Journal: “I will never, ever, ever, ever be allowed to forget that look. The irony is that we wore full-on leather Gucci to a Versace event for Donatella. Which in itself was just so wrong.”

Despite some of the "bad taste" items she wore in the 90s, Victoria admitted there are some pieces she'd wear again, but has a better idea of how to style them now.

She said: "There’s some bad taste there that I embrace and find inspiring now.

"For example, there’s nothing wrong with PVC pants if you’re going to pair it with a beautiful white tuxedo shirt. That’s a different interpretation of how I would have worn it in the 90s.

"Back then, I would have worn [PVC pants] with a bikini top with my boobs up by my chin, whereas now I’d wear [them] with a beautiful shoe and a tuxedo blouse. "