The summer wardrobe is expensive

The summer wardrobe is expensive

A study by discount shopping site, consisting of 320 women, claims that the average woman will spend almost £20,000 on her summer wardrobe during her lifetime. And on average, with women spending £329 every year updating their summer wardrobe, this statistic comes as no surprise.

One shopper said: “Summer is my favourite time of year to shop, I love spending my money on summer dresses, skirts, sandals and accessories to match. I tend to only buy a few expensive key items and mix them with cheaper clothes such as vests and t-shirts that I tend to replace a lot each year.”

Sandals are a number 1 “must-have” item to buy in summer, with women spending around £60 on the item each year. Shorts are the second most expensive item on a woman’s summer list with an average of £57 spent on the item, with swimwear coming in at an average of £47. And most surprisingly, sunglasses were the least expensive item with women only spending an average of £12 each year.

A spokesperson for said: “We were a little surprised to find sandals were the most expensive item in a women’s summer wardrobe but it seems ladies like to spend their money on two or three expensive items each year mixed with cheaper clothes that they update more regularly.”

However, with the dreary summer of last year, women do not seem to be spending as much n their summer wardrobe this year. A shopper said: ““I love it when the sun comes out giving me an excuse to go out shopping. I’ll probably spend a lot less this year I still have clothes in my wardrobe hanging with the tags on as last summer was such a wash out.”

By Claire Lancaster

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