Immodesty Blaize

Immodesty Blaize

Immodesty Blaize has been revealing her hot underwear tips this season alongside top UK award winning designer James Nolan.

It is often said that it’s what’s on the inside that counts... and that couldn’t be more the case when it comes to your clothes, because although the outer wear may look great it is in fact underwear that makes you feel great.

So think beyond fashion week girls, the show on everyone’s mind is the Triumph International Awards in Milan on September 23rd, where the newest and hottest underwear designs are on display. Here, each country showcases its designs in front of a panel of expert judges, including Hollywood actress Hilary Swank; and the emerging designers will be judged on how they put forward their interpretations of the theme ‘icons’ - with designs being inspired by the Sydney Opera House through to Swan Lake. Who knew underwear could be that exciting?

New underwear is an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe and having the right lingerie not only makes you feel sexy, confident and in control – but wearing the right bra also does so much for your figure, maximising the look of your cleavage and curves. With so many different designs and colours, from the balcony bra, to the plunge – we’re truly now spoilt for choice and what a choice there is.

This range of options can often make it difficult to know what to look for when it comes to underwear trends. Help is at hand though as luckily for us, in this video feature we have expert advice from three people who know lingerie and how to wear it, gorgeous Burlesque sensation Immodesty Blaize, UK designer and winner of the UK heat for the Triumph International Awards James Nolan and Triumph product manager Jane Fenlon-Smith.

So check out this video for some tantalising advice on how to make your sure underwear is as iconic as you are....