What influences your fashion choices in the morning?

What influences your fashion choices in the morning?

When you head to the wardrobe in the morning there’s usually a panic of having nothing to wear, yet there is still a bulging wardrobe, and then there’s a thought process we each go through.

Here it is.

A woman’s outfit choice is mainly determined by three factors: 1. The weather. 2. Plans for the day. 3. Her mood.

Well, this is according to a new survey. The researchers found that overall there are as many as 11 different factors that play a part in what women decide to wear when they leave the house, including their confidence, how well they feel and what day of the week it is.

Even hairstyles are dictated primarily by the weather, with when it was last washed and the time available in the morning also playing a key part.

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Global Creative Director at Toni&Guy who commissioned the research, said: ''For most people, getting dressed in the mornings is not just a case of chucking any old clothing on. There are actually several different factors that need to be considered when choosing an outfit or hairstyle for the day ahead. And living in the UK, it might not be a surprise to learn weather is the biggest influence when deciding what look to go for in the mornings.

''Even at the height of summer, we usually have to look out the window or check the forecast before choosing an appropriate outfit. But as well as the day's agenda, it also seems that women tend to dress according to their mood or how well they feel, with many making more effort with their appearance when they are happy."

The study of 2,000 women found that the average woman will consider three different factors when deciding what to wear each morning, with the weather accounting for 35% of the decision. It also emerged that more than seven in ten women reckon they are more likely to put effort into their appearance when the weather is nice.

So come back summer, and we’ll dress nice just for you. 

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