Yes, of course it’s fine to dress more casually than you would for a normal day in the office, but getting ready and following a routine is important for our mental health - and for making us feel as though we’re in ‘work mode’.

Susie Hasler by Mollie Rae Manning

Susie Hasler by Mollie Rae Manning

As well as making yourself feel better, and more productive, you need to be prepared for video calls - meaning being more than presentabled, at least from the waist up.

It’s a worrying time, so boost your mood with some bright colours, wear a bold necklace or a nice shirt and a blazer - make time to take care of your appearance. Here, I share my six style tips for working at home. For daily inspiration, follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Dress up!

We all slip into casual clothes on our days off, but these aren’t days off - simply your office has moved location. It can be tempting to wear comfortable clothes - but these can very quickly turn into scruffy hoodies or PJs, which isn’t good for our mentality. Of course, it’s fine every once in a while, but for most people, there are weeks ahead of working from home. Wearing dirty jogging bottoms is likely to have an apathetic effect on your mindset for the day. You don’t have to wear a stiff suit, but by dressing up, you are still sticking to routine, which is essential for our mental health and will get you into ‘work mode’.

Take a tip from newsreaders

Many newsreaders wear a shirt, tie and jacket, with jeans on their bottom half. This is because the viewer only sees their top half. If you want to feel comfortable at home, but have a day of conference and video calls ahead, consider how you will look to whoever is dialling in. Wear a bold necklace, a nice shirt/blouse and blazer. But ensure you still have something relatively smart on your bottom half (such as jeans). It would be embarrassing if you had to stand up to reach for a piece of paper, to reveal your Disney pyjama bottoms!

Stick to a beauty and style routine

Working away from home has the benefit of keeping us in a routine - and it’s important to maintain a level of normality. Ensure that you have designated times of day to get yourself ready for work. If you usually sit at your desk by 8.30am, you can still do so from home. Set your alarm for the same time every day, and even if the kids call you away from your desk, at least you are dressed, and in work mode, so you’ll be ready for any unexpected video calls that might occur.

Loungewear doesn’t have to be slobby

Loungewear is seeing a boom, thanks to so many celebrities posting photos on social media of their comfy two pieces. So if you’re working from home, and don’t have any video or client calls, then invest in a set - it’s a huge step in from staying in your PJs all day. Most online stores offer affordable loungewear, from hoodies, to fun, fleecey sweatshirts. It’s a way of staying cosy, comfy without looking scruffy.

The wardrobe staple every stay-at-home worker needs

A white tee is an essential wardrobe staple. It is one of the most versatile items you can have and it will become a much-needed go-to in your working-from-home uniform. The beauty of a white T-shirt is it can be worn so many ways and - so long as it hasn’t yellowed in places - looks bright and crisp.

Wear with jeans, harem trousers and accessorise differently each day, with a scarf or necklace.

Be bold, be bright

Combat the current mood by going bright - and having some fun with what you wear. Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your outfits. Dressing in loud colours is an instant mood booster. The lower you feel, the louder your colours should be! If you don’t own many bright clothes, try a bright lipstick instead. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Award-winning stylist Susie Hasler runs Styled By Susie - a styling service focusing on women whose body shapes have changed due to having children, the menopause or losing/gaining weight. She is currently offering online sessions - which means you can learn how to look good for your shape while in the comfort of your own home. See more here