Today is National Pack Rat Day- a day to tackle any hoarding that might be having a detrimental effect on your home life, relationship or even yourself. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself and help put things into perspective if you are intent on change.

Why do I need so many?

Why do I need so many?

When was the last time I used it?- If you hoard something specific- ask yourself when the last time you put this item to good use was. If it and others have simply been gathering dust and you aren’t actively using them- it might be time to make way for the things that serve a purpose in your home.

Why does this item have meaning to me?- It might have great meaning to you- or it might mean nothing- but you’ve kept it because you always have and you don’t know any different. If it doesn’t conjure up any strong feelings inside hen you look at it- it could be wasting space in your house.

Why do I need so many?- If you have so many of a particular product- you probably won’t use them before they go out of date or are past their best so it might be time to get rid and just buy as you need. If it is a non-perishable hoard- why do you need one for every day or week or year? Chances are- you don't. 

How is this negatively impacting my life?- Be honest with yourself and ask the question- is this affecting my health? My Happiness? My safety? If so- are these items worth risking all of these things for? Probably not.

How does this make my family/partner/housemates feel?- If this is having not just a negative impact on you but the people you live with too – it could well be sign for change. The same people might even help you to cleanse your space with you so it doesn’t feel like you’re alone.

What would I enjoy or achieve if this wasn’t an issue in my life?- If you didn’t have the problem of a hoard what could you do? Would the space enable you to pursue that hobby you’ve wanted to do for a while? Give you the mental clarity to invest in yourself? Mean you have one less thing to worry about? Consider what you could accomplish if this wasn’t a factor in your life.

How much money could you make?- Perhaps your motivating factor could be some extra cash? If you hoard things that are worth something and you don’t enjoy them or use them- why not make some money and spend it on something that you will actually value?

How would I feel if I walked into home that was free of the hoard?- Imagine what it would be like to come home and everything to be in its place. If this idea fills you with joy- this could be the boost you need to make a start. You can achieve an organised space- you just need to keep focused on that end goal.

When did I start and collect these things?- Try and pinpoint the moment when you began to hoard the things you do. What was going on at this point in your life? And this will help to answer the why…

Why do I collect these things?- Sometimes it’s not about the object or about the act of collecting- it’s about an unrelated trigger that has manifested itself as a need to keep things. Dig deep and try to establish what happened in your past that kickstarted this perceived need to retain such items.