If you associate your alarm tone with dread, the snooze button and struggling to get up and go, it’s time to choose a new ring alert and find something to be excited about at 6am.

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Photo: PA

It sounds like an impossible task, but they do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and so it should be one thing that has you jumping out the bed, popping the kettle on and preparing for a productive day ahead.

So if you’ve hit a breakfast slump and you’re fed up of pouring a measly bowl of muesli when you get into the office, here are seven tasty breakfasts that are quick and easy to start your day off the best way possible.

Croissant and fruit

So continental… What better way to start the day than mixing up some fruit and accompanying it with a delicious pastry? That’s called balance.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. Replace the pre-work rush at the coffee shop by crisping up a croissant at home and preparing some fresh fruit to have alongside. We recommend grapes, banana and apple for the perfect texture variety.

Porridge with maple syrup and mixed nuts

If you want to guarantee that full-feeling right up until lunchtime, porridge is always the answer. Simple to make and simple to add the flavours you crave to make it the perfect super-quick breakfast.

We recommend stirring in some maple syrup for sweetness, and adding a handful of mixed nuts for an early-morning protein fix that will prevent feelings of hunger and intermittent snacking up until noon!


A speedy classic. All you need is your favourite fruits and a blender. No need to follow a recipe online - only you know your favourite mix!

Make it as simple or as exotic as your tastebuds wish - we love a simple strawberry and banana combo but go wild with pineapple, mango and kiwi if you’re feeling adventurous.

Avocado and tomato on toast

Photo: PA
Photo: PA

Smash some avocado up with some freshly squeezed lemon juice for the ultimate fresh flavour, then slice some tomatoes and place on top of a slice of toasted brown bread. Mixing carbs and good fats will start your day off steady, and very very yummy.

Yoghurt with fruit and nuts

Natural greek yoghurt, chopped banana and mixed nuts - everything you need to defeat hungry, rushed, flavourless mornings.

Prepare the night before and you can have it on the go. Just pop it all in a tub for a tasty treat on the morning commute.


If you really struggle to find the time to cook in the morning, the beauty of pancakes is that you can buy them ready made. But if you’re prepared to get up fifteen minutes earlier than your alarm would normally be set at, nothing beats a homemade pancake.

Top them with maple syrup, fruit or mixed nuts - or go absolutely crazy and have a bit of each!

Granola bars

We are firm believers that homemade is always better - and more fun - than shop-bought. There are so many recipes out there for healthy granola bar methods. Oats are the way forward. Enjoy!

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