Suffer from sleepy mornings, afternoon slumps and stressful days? Well now you can combat all of these with 13 exercises created by popular loose leaf tea specialists T2 and Another Space fitness studio. 

They don't take any time at all!

They don't take any time at all!

Designed to be done in the time you waste waiting for the kettle to boil these simple exercises, designed to be done at different times of the day, are created to utilize the spare moments of the day and leave you feeling motivated, relaxed and stress-free.

Inspired by T2’s new January ‘Glow’ healthy teas these exercises are the anti-dote to January blues and combine techniques from HIIT and yoga as well as stretching to get you moving in speedy 3 minute bursts.


WAKE UP (something to awaken) – Yoga

2 side bends each way in 5 breath swings

break, then repeat

15 second break

ELEVENSES (something to liven and motivate) – SPEED ROUND

45 seconds: 2 jumping jacks, 4 high knees

15 second break

45 seconds: 4 mountain climbers/shoulder tap right, left

15 second break

45 seconds: burpees (jump up, jump out)

MID-AFTERNOON SLUMP (something to energise & stimulate the mind) – POWER ROUND

45 seconds: step out press ups – alternate sides

15 second break

45 seconds: side plank with top elbow to knee touch – 4 each side then switch

15 second break

45 seconds: leg extensions (ab exercise)

POST WORK (something more energetic to alleviate the stresses of the day)

45 seconds: jump forwards, burpee, run backwards

15 second break

45 seconds: donkey kicks

15 second break

45 seconds: 2 pump squats (one each side), 3 tuck jumps

PRE-BED (something to sooth and relax) - yoga

30 sec low crescent lunge

30 sec half split (not as complicated as it sounds)

repeat other side

Standing forward bend 30 secs

roll up spine to finish

Want to try it yourself? You’re in luck with Another Space doing a one-off exercise class on 27th January – and it’s free!

For more information on the range head to and to book the upcoming fitness class please visit

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