Most of us are aware of the world’s rich and famous, how can we not be? Newspapers make sure we know how they holiday, where they live, what cars they own and how they dress. What doesn’t get as much attention however – is how they travel. We aren’t talking about superyachts or expensive cars either. In this article, we are looking at how they take to the skies, in their fully customised Private Jets.  So without further ado, we count down five of the rich and famous – and their jets.  

Donald Tump owns a Boeing 757-200

Donald Tump owns a Boeing 757-200

Donald Trump

Those who follow Donald Trump closely will be well aware of how the President of the United States doesn’t mince his words and ‘The Donald’ has certainly let his feelings be known on the subject of his private jets.

In 2015, speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine Trump Boasted that his aircraft (a Boeing 757-200) was ‘bigger than Air Force One, which is a step down from this in every way’ In fact, Air Force One is wider and taller than Trumps Plane – but we believe he was talking metaphorically.  In 2016, trump also took a swipe at Boeing, tweeting ‘Cancel Order’ as he was waiting for Air Force One to be completed.

Anyway, back to Trumps 757-200. A jet which has been seen flying over Trump’s Golf Courses all over the world. Inside, there is 24 carat gold sinks, sockets and seatbelt clasps. Service buttons and interior trims again are gold plated. The seats as you would expect are crafted from the finest leather and there are full size beds available for guests. The ceilings are suede, and Trumps private bedroom on the jet is lined with silk. Trumps family emblem is also stitched into all seats and headrests.

There’s also a cinema room, and you are quite right – that is a lot of equipment to fit into a plane. That’s why usually a 747-200 would seat 200 passengers in complete comfort – In Donald Trump’s 747-200, there’s only room for 43.

On the outside of the aircraft, there is a blue, white and red livery adorned simply with the word TRUMP. You know you’ve don’t well in life when Air Force One is a downgrade…

Approx. Cost: $100 Million. 

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich owns a personalised Boeing 767
Roman Abramovich owns a personalised Boeing 767

As well as owning the world’s most expensive yacht, it’s not surprising to learn that Roman Abramovich owns one of the world’s most expensive planes. The Russian Billionaire, whose portfolio includes Chelsea Football Club owns a personalised Boeing 767. Don’t think that this is just a pleasure aircraft either, as well as the usual master bedrooms, luxury bathrooms and entertainment suites – there’s also conference rooms for when business needs to be discussed.

The jet is nicknamed ‘The Bandit’ and is rumoured to have the same missile defence system as Air Force One. The outside of the jet is painted in a discreet, yet very smart pattern of whites and greys.

Approx. Cost: $84 Million

Sultan of Brunei

Being the ruler of the oil rich sultanas of Brunei on the island of Borneo, it’s not surprising to learn that the Sultan of Brunei is the richest monarch in the world. When you are the richest monarch in the world, it’s also considered bad form to have just one private jet, that’s why he has three: an Airbus A340s and a 767, as well as his largest aircraft the Boeing 747-430. The 747 Sultan regularly captains himself.

The 747 boasts everything you would usually expect. Around $120 million has been spent on the interior of the aircraft, which features a living room, a bedroom and bathroom, all of which are adorned with gold and crystals. The finest materials are used, and the washbasin is staggeringly made from solid gold.

Approx. Cost: $220 Million. 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has called his private aircraft in the past his ‘Guilty Pleasure’ and ‘His Big Splurge’, although we think that when you attend as many business and charity meetings as Bill Gates does, you deserve right aircraft. Less details are known about this aircraft than others, but we do know that it is a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. A magnificent aircraft, which holds a flagship name within the aviation and private jet industry. 

Jay Z & Beyonce

Beyonce bought Jay Z a brand new Challenger 850
Beyonce bought Jay Z a brand new Challenger 850

No strangers to travelling in style, back in 2012 Beyonce bought Jay Z a brand new Challenger 850 which was a present for father’s day, off their children. Jay Z obviously likes it too, as he has recently invested in a $105 Million Private Jet App, along with a number of Saudi investors.

Approx. Cost: $50 Million.

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