The storefront is the primary way to advertise to potential customers who walk past your store every day. Once they are in, there are many ways to allure them towards various products and services. But before that, you need to have a strong advertising mechanism that immediately presents the value of your store.

Neon Shop Signs

Neon Shop Signs

This can be done really well with the help of customized LED neon signs. But if you’re wondering about what you can do more than simply having your store name in a neon signboard, here are some quick ideas:

Arrow with words

The simplest way to stand out as well as have a call to action at the same time is with the help of an arrow pointing right to your door. You can also use a welcome message or just a bright LED neon sign saying ‘Open.’ These simple messages can often catch the eye of a customer rather than the brand name, and since you have an arrow, you can also place the signboard in a more visible area.

Product design

Whether you are selling cheap jewelry or running a diner, a professional LED neon signboard designer will be able to present your product. This helps customers know exactly what your shop represents without even having to read a single word. It is also a great way to invoke the purchasing sense of a buyer.

Sales Message

If you have a sale running, then it should be on your storefront! If you have the word ‘Sale’ written in giant LED neon letters, then people are bound to be curious regarding what exactly is in store! You can also make the message more personalised, but make sure not to overdo the size of the message overall.

Seasonal greeting

The psyche of the current sales generation is to get as personal as possible. And you need to use your storefront to be able to provide this to your customers. Even a simple message such as ‘holiday cheers’ or ‘season’s greetings’ right under the name of the store will suffice. You can also get creative with your message; just don’t make it look crowded.

Keep it smart

It’s not only diners and jewelers that use LED neon signs. Any potential venue of business can have one. If your profession is something soberer, then you can have a smart and minimalist signboard. These can be used by freelance lawyers, designers, artists, etc.

Using a LED neon signboard provides a ton of advantages. It allows you to grab every potential customer and present them with your products even before they have walked into your store. And the amount of personalisation you can add to these signboards also presents a great advertising opportunity to every industry.

If you have a store and a storefront, then you definitely need a LED neon signboard to increase your footfall! Use these ideas to make your store stand out and build a customised brand image!

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