By Katie Glenn, Interiors Expert 



‘’Minimalism is a trend that has transcended throughout fashion and homeware since the 20th century and this season we are embracing the concept more widely than ever. Some may say boring, stark and cold but we say fresh, sleek and captivating, because less really is more. If you’re attempting to adopt this style, never be afraid of a little white space! We turned to our interior designers here at Julian Charles for their top tips on creating an elegant minimalist home to be proud of!

Create A Neutral Base It is key to stick to one colour story throughout your space to ensure you avoid a busy façade and keep it feeling harmonious and comfortable. When choosing your dominant colour pop to set against your blank canvas, opt for earthy, subdued colours which are intrinsic to minimalist homes. Our Delta Ochre bedding is the perfect statement focal point for your boudoir to bring in a retro twist with mono geometrics accented with mustard highlights and complimentary ornaments.

Declutter The Space Clutter equals stress. Make your space a place of retreat and comfort by eliminating any unnecessary mess from all shelves, tables and worktops. Try to stick to the essentials and don’t hoard distasteful pieces, simply choose carefully arranged artwork and decorative pieces to evoke a more open space and calming atmosphere.

Streamline Your Furniture Ensure that all your furniture pieces are easy for your eyes to roll over with smooth surfaces that don’t take up all your floor space. So ask yourself, do you really need it? If so, consider minimal furniture and storage units that are multi-functional such as window seats, stairway storage and underfloor storage to utilise and maximise your space for a concealed, tasteful appearance.

Plant Power To help add life back into your space and to avoid it feeling a little cold and impersonal, try adding succulents or cacti. Cultivating these plants will offer a less fussy option to the usual brash bouquet of florals. Although plants tend to be an interior afterthought, they will really add a sense of recharge with a hipster kind of Feng Shui.

Let There Be Light Leave your windows as unadorned as possible and let the light flood in. Large windows can give the illusion of a more open, organic space because every minimal interior is all about the light. For privacy, keep your window coverings simple with sheer curtains or blinds.

Be Playful With Textures To break up the monotony of your white space use layers and contrasts of different textures to add focal points of interest and depth. Choose a diverse range of fabrics for your basics such as chunky woven throws and embellished scatter cushions for a luxurious feel.

Balance and Proportion Ensure you stick to the basic design rules meaning nothing should be too big or too small. This maintains a well-adjusted visual weight for each room design. This refined composed look will create true harmony amongst your furnishings. Please note if you’re using furnishings for a dramatic effect make sure their intentions are exaggerated by extreme sizing.

Katie glenn is an interior expert at Julian Charles

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