With National Dog Day this Saturday 26th August, we’ve teamed up with Natures Menu, the UK and Europe’s number one expert in raw and natural pet foods to give the top 10 reasons why it’s better to ‘be more dog’.

You are given treats just for being friendly

You are given treats just for being friendly

Drum roll please…

  • You can nap anytime you like without any judgement
  • You get given treats just for being friendly
  • Your biggest worry is when your next walk will be
  • People stroke your back without you having to ask
  • Your parents make all your delicious meals for you
  • You’re always cute – no need to worry about your appearance, just get up, go and be adored
  • You have no inhibitions – fancy an impromptu dip in the sea?  No problem, you don’t wear clothes anyway!
  • You can cause chaos around the house but never get told off
  • You love everyone unconditionally – and isn’t that lovely?
  • 78% of dogs in the UK are happy according to research by Natures Menu…say no more!

There also seems to be some cheeky personalities amongst UK dogs, with 5% of dogs enjoying rolling in poo and 6% chewing shoes, according to their owners!

A recent survey championed enjoying a walk as the activity that makes dogs the happiest, as 25% say this is what their furry friend enjoys most.  Playing with their favourite toy (19%) and eating (13%) came a close second, suggesting that plenty of exercise and a nutritious meal ultimately leads to our canine counterpart’s overall health and happiness.

To mark National Dog Day, Natures Menu is celebrating all its happy canine customers who have hugely benefited through a Natures Menu diet with a movie montage of them all enjoying their happiest moments, be it running along the beach, playing with their pals or eating their favourite meal.

For more information about Natures Menu visit www.naturesmenu.co.uk

*Research by The Leadership Factor conducted in August 2017 with 1,010 UK dog owners.

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