However much we’d like to believe it- the fairies are not going to sort it out so start now using my tips below. 

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

Get a notebook and make copious lists

Have a pre Christmas clear out especially if you have children. It's the ideal time to tell them about charity shops that help look after children who don’t have good Christmases because they are ill, live in poor countries or don’t have a mummy or daddy.

Don’t be a Mary Martyr- The first rule of management is delegation- where possible do this. If you have everyone coming to you on Christmas Day tell them what to contribute i.e. sprouts/carrots prepared and ready to boil, Christmas pudding bought or made with coins inside, alternative pudding, mince pies or after dinner chocolates. Make someone ‘Head of Games’ and the list goes on. The Italians do this all the time- it's quite normal and it makes the whole family feel involved.

Unless you have time on your hands, please don’t feel bad about shop bought food. Most of it is of an excellent quality and as the supermarkets are competing with each other over prices, the winners in this instance are us- the consumers.

I bulk buy wrapping paper and carrier bags on the internet, making sure any left over are the sort that can be used for birthdays and other occasions. Cellophane is a must- it hides a multitude of wrapping mistakes and you can pimp so much with it, all tied up with a big glam ribbon.

Don’t fret about table decorations- There is so much you can achieve with mini Christmas trees, fur cones, white candles and terracotta garden pots.

If you want to entertain and don’t want to do a full meal- Look for a carol concert, panto or a local light switching on event and piggy back, telling everyone to pop over before for mince pies and mulled wine.

I wrote a book years ago called ‘The Perfect Christmas’- it's full of good advice that truly doesn’t date and you can pick it up on Amazon.

One of my most treasured gifts was made for me at one of those stores where you can go in and design your own pottery. Don’t ever forget the inexpensive personal touch.

I firmly believe that God is horrified that the baby Jesus’s birthday causes so much stress and financial pressure so please keep Christmas in perspective.

Some of my favorite gifts to give are Subscriptions magazines, they really are the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. This is just one of the reasons Sarah Jones (my business partner) and I set up ‘The At Home Box Company’. Each month you receive 4 beautiful home and lifestyle products we’ve chosen, if you trust us, you’ll love our boxes and running it is our dream come true.