Everything you ever wanted can be yours. Wish it, believe it, dream it and have it. Set the intention and the Universe will whizz it to you like some cosmic Argos but without the bill and blunt pencils. All you do is cross your fingers, pull a wish bone in your favour and not give up the day job.

Carole Ann Rice

Carole Ann Rice

Look we've all been there. Searching for the quick fix of dream fulfillment via The Secret, the Lottery, Simon Cowell or even surgery.

We want to believe in some divine sushi-like conveyor belt that will offer dishes beyond our wildest delectation that we can just reach for with the right alignment of stars and commitment to positivity.

Now I am a realist and believe in hard work is the best magic wand but I do believe there is magic in all this stuff too. Really there is. I truly believe that if you want something badly enough, if you put in the work (whatever it takes) and sprinkle a good measure of patience in you will get there.

You've got to want it above all other things and keep focused on it and have as much fun as you can on the way to it.

Where The Secret failed was that if you want to catch a bus you don't sit on the living room sofa waiting for it to crash through the wall. You go out, stand in the right place, wait for the right time and then you're away.

We all want quick fix solutions – how to drop a dress size or a partner in one easy to swallow pill.

Yet we don't want to commit to exercise, cutting back on the good stuff or changing anything at all really. Good grief no. That takes too long, seems like hard work and has no guarantees, “Do you think I'm crazy?”, you reason.

Sometimes the challenge to get what we want seems to painful and so far away it's easier not to bother.

But change should and can happen gradually and with the smallest steps. Then just keep moving forward.

Do just one thing by answering these six questions?

- What one simple thing could improve your life today and what small step can you take to make that happen?

- What one belief would you have to have in place to reach your goal?

- What one belief do you have to let go of to move forward?

- What one thing could you say to a loved one to improve your relationship?

- What one thing would be better if you stopped worrying about the approval of others?

- What one thing are you procrastinating over that, if actioned, would liberate you?

- What is the one thing you want to feel when you have reached your goal?

Keep a magic journal to plot your success. You could be one step away from all you have every wanted. Keep taking the steps

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