If you have just started working from home or are about to- here are our top tips for keeping that work-life balance when your daily commute is precisely zero.

Keep your desk tidy

Keep your desk tidy

Work in a separate room from your place of relaxation- If you work in your living room or bedroom you might be tempted to throw on the TV or take a nap, so work somewhere that gives you the right vibes. Preferably a place where you can shut the door and concentrate.

Get dressed every day- Although it might be tempting to leave your PJs on because no one is going to see you- it sets the wrong tone for the day. Plus, what will you do if the postman comes knocking with a package that needs to be signed for?! Get up, get showered and dressed and you will feel ready to sit down and earn those pennies.

Keep your home tidy- Make sure that you keep your house in good order- the easiest way to distract yourself from doing any work is with jobs that need to be completed around the house. This goes for your desk too- a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind!

Take regular breaks- The same rules apply at home as they would in an office- stretch your legs and move around to stop the aches and pains of sitting in one place for a long time. Throw in some washing, empty the dishwasher, use the bathroom- anything that gives you five minutes of respite. 

Turn your mobile to silent and unplug your house phone- There may be times when you need to make yourself available, but if you have something really important to do that requires all of your concentration- stop the chance of someone interrupting your train of thought.

Have lots of drinks and snacks handy- Keep hydrated with regular drinks and surround yourself with bites of food that will give you slow release energy to keep you going all day long.

Get some fresh air- Use your lunch break to go outside or you might fall into the trap of not leaving your house until the weekend if you stick with the typical 9-5 routine. The change of scenery will help you to put everything from the morning away in a mental folder and will leave you fresh for the next instalment.

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