Written by wellness expert, Nadine Dumas.

Coconut water has many benefits

Coconut water has many benefits

Nadine Dumas is an eating psychology practitioner & mind-body nutrition coach who has put together her top tips on the benefits of drinking coconut water.

Boosts Hydration. Staying hydrated is key to keeping healthy and drinking pure, premium coconut water, compared to sports recovery drinks has fewer calories, high in electrolytes and contains less sugar which makes for an excellent drink to keep hydrated.

100% natural Coconut water is packed full of nutrients! With the main nutrient being potassium, coconut water is a high electrolyte drink that also contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and sodium. One glass of coconut water can offer boosts of hydration, maintain heart health, and reduce fatigue & stress

Reduces blood pressure. Coconut water is being with nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, calcium and sodium. It’s a great addition to your daily fluid in-take to help keep your blood pressure in check.  The high levels of potassium found in coconut water, helps to balance out the levels of sodium in the body and keeps your body functioning properly.

It’s great after a work-out. The best way to replenish our systems after exercise is to reach for mineral rich foods or drinks. Due to the electrolytes and essential minerals naturally found in pure coconut water, reaching for a bottle of coconut water which is naturally packed with electrolytes allows the body to recover quicker and ease muscle recovery.

Fab on its own but also great as a mixer with your favourite cocktails. Coconut water is a great refined-sugar free, low calorie drink. Not only is drinking it to boost hydration in the morning, to cool you down after exercise, or to ease digestion with a meal, it’s also a fab addition to smoothies and cocktails.

Jax Coco is 100% pure coconut water, with no added sugar, preservatives or colourings. Only 20 calories per 100 ml serving, contains essential electrolytes to support rapid rehydration, gluten-free with zero fat or cholesterol, suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets. For pure and natural hydration. Available nationwide with a RRP of £2.79. Stockist- Ocado.