Do you find it hard to drink enough water during the day? The struggle is over thanks to new smart hydration bottles that take the thinking out of drinking. Here’s what you should consider before buying one.

Photo Credit: Thrivve

Photo Credit: Thrivve


Become a landfill rebel by using your own water bottle. Materials like stainless steel and glass are a good choice if you’re thinking of getting a smart bottle that tracks your hydration. When I created my own hydration bottle it was important that it was easy to repair and upgrade without having to buy a new one. I wanted a bottle that could be used for a long time and - when eventually it needs replacing – could be easily recycled and not add to the tons of e-waste disposed of each year. Make sure your bottle is designed with the planet in mind, not just to carry water.

Timeless design

Design is everything when looking for an item that you want to use over and over again. Your bottle will be with you all day every day, so choose one that looks good too. I always wanted a bottle that I’d be proud to have accompany me on my daily adventures. As the goal is to keep this bottle forever, make sure the design is timeless, so you never get bored of it. When you check out your water bottle’s design make sure it includes a wide mouth opening for easy cleaning (no more smelly bottles!) and that it has extra durable coating.

A good tracking system

Should those ‘adventures’ get too out of hand, a ‘find my bottle’ feature means that you’ll never be without a drink again. A good tracking system for both your bottle and your hydration goals will help remove the thinking out of the drinking – and avoid you getting a plastic bottle at the corner shop. Technology can now really help you keep those hydration goals so I made full use of it. I wanted a tracking device that showed me how much I’ve had to drink on a given day, so I designed a smart lid connected to an app, with a one-of-a-kind light ring that helps form healthy habits (just a double tap on top of the bottle shows progress snapshots). So, you can save time and mental load by not having to constantly check the app.

Quality that lasts

Take the time to find a tracking bottle that lasts, one that you’ll use for many years. A bottle that is not only driving healthy habits for you but with technology and quality that were developed to stand the test of time. Because ultimately, it is quality that will keep it out of landfill. That’s why it needs to be durable, but also repairable, reusable and recyclable. Make sure that if some parts need replacing the company will handle it for you. For example when I first thought of my own water bottle, it was crucial that we would handle the battery change for our customers to make their life easier!

Anti leak

Isn’t it the worst when you’re rushing through your day, dutifully going through your to-do list, running to your next appointment and then suddenly realise your drink has fully leaked in your bag? That just won’t do, so you need to make sure you choose a water bottle that will never let you down like that. I’ve always dreamt of a bottle that I could take everywhere without worrying about spills, so that’s always been on my priority list. An anti leak system is a key functionality because your bottle needs to adapt to your lifestyle, no matter the occasion or your pace.


BPA, also called bisphenol, is an industrial chemical used to make some plastics and resins for the last sixty years. It is very often in found food and beverage containers such as water bottles, and coat the inside of metal products like food cans, bottle tops and water supply lines. Research has shown that BPA can get into food or beverages from these containers, and exposure to BPA is a concern because of its possible health effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. Research also shows it can affect children's behaviour, and a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still reviewing the effects of BPA, I’ve decided to make my own bottle BPA free to avoid any contamination. You don’t want to worry when you drink water, and I wanted people to just focus on their hydration.

Advanced technology

You need to find a bottle that does several things in once, so you need technology you can depend on – and one that easily adapts to tech advancements. You want your bottle to not only track what you drink, but that also registers your personalised goals, linked to an app that fits your lifestyle and schedule, which you can connect to your other health and fitness apps, with advanced rechargeable battery that you can rely on to keep your water cold

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