When Darren Bird, 46, from Bournemouth discovered that he was going to be a new dad in his late forties it was on the same day that he dropped his eldest daughter at university for the very first time. The thought of raising a child, without the zest and energy that he had in his thirties filled him with fear. 

Darren after

Darren after

His wife Sunny says, “When I told Darren I was pregnant he cried, and they weren’t tears of happiness. He was worried about being an older Dad and it really hit home that he needed to start looking after himself. I wanted him to be around for the children for as long as possible and for him to start taking care of himself”.

As a builder, Darren often ate on the go and his diet consisted of sausage rolls and bacon baps washed down with fizzy drinks, and he routinely scoffed his way through a whole packet of biscuits. His wife Sunny was concerned that his poor diet and his lack of exercise would hold him back from being an active Dad.

Sunny pushed him to undergo an MOT health screening by healthcare experts Ramsay Health Care UK. The tests revealed that he had elevated cholesterol and was carrying too much weight. His body fat percentage put him in the obese category.

Darren enlisted the help of personal trainer Jack Eyers and underwent a healthy diet and an online exercise regime to improve his fitness and lose weight. With expert advice from Ramsay Health Care UK and PT Jack Eyers, Darren swapped bacon baps for lean protein and fresh vegetables and embarked on an exercise regime that included online training session support and at-home work outs.

In just 12 weeks Darren managed to reduce his overall body fat from an obese level of 30% to a lean 12%. Darren dropped 5 inches from his waist and what’s more, he now has a heart-healthy cholesterol level. Adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly not only reduced his weight but it reduced his chances of developing high blood pressure – a condition his father suffers from.

“Darren is a changed man. Not only does he look great but he’s full of energy and he’s never looked better. I can’t keep my hands off him” says Sunny.

“I feel fitter than I did in my 20’s”, says Darren. “The MOT health screening helped me face my health fears and gave me practical advice. My wife can’t believe the transformation.”

Ramsay Health Care UK’s Dr Dobson says:

“An MOT health screening can be invaluable in detecting potentially life-threatening illnesses such as, cancer, heart disease and diabetes before they do serious damage. Giving patients specific information about health risks that personally affect them provides a powerful incentive to take positive action – either to seek treatment or to make changes to their lifestyle.

By having a health screen, an individual is taking steps to increase their chances of living a longer, healthier life.”


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