Breakdown Prevention

Breakdown Prevention

Being able to do some simple checks yourself could not only save money but it could help to ensure your car remains roadworthy, ensuring you and your family are getting safely from A to B.

The supermarket bank is highlighting the importance of looking after your car following research that reveals around 7.2 million (21%) motorists claim no-one performs any basic maintenance checks on a monthly basis.

Ben Tyte, Head of Sainsbury's Car Insurance said: "People should consider looking after their cars in the same way they would their homes, carrying out regular checks and keeping the car well maintained will prevent it from breaking down and potentially needing work when it goes for its MOT.

"People whose car warranty may have expired need to take care and ensure they are carrying out regular checks themselves and organising regular servicing.

"Even those driving under warranty should be vigilant as they still have a duty of care for their vehicle between servicing, failing to keep oil or coolant topped up could result in a breakdown and a bill they're required to foot themselves."

Worryingly, the findings(1) highlight that the most neglected check to be undertaken, despite being a legal requirement, is ensuring your car’s tyre tread depth is at a minimum of 1.6mm. The survey(1) revealed that just two in five (38%) motorists carry out this essential check on a monthly basis.

Although these checks are basic, they are fundamental to keeping a car in good working condition; running out of engine oil could, for example, seriously damage your engine and repairs could be very costly.

You could also put you and your passengers' safety at risk; not having the correct tyre tread depth could, for example, increase your car's stopping distance which could have potentially dangerous consequences if you need to brake suddenly or stop in an emergency.

This video highlighta a few top tips from qualified mechanics on how to carry out some basic car maintenance checks. If you’re unsure about how to carry out car maintenance checks then you should consult your driver's manual if you have one. Alternatively contact a local garage or your road side assistance provider who may also be able to give you guidance.