Teen wild child Lindsay Lohan has added the title of most irresponsible female celebrity driver to her growing list of unwanted accolades, whilst Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay crashed into pole position for the men with the highest overall score of both sexes.

The survey released today, was conducted by Empire Interactive to announce the release of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360. It discovered who Brits consider the most irresponsible celebrity drivers on both sides of the Atlantic.

With 25% Lohan, famed for 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' but more notably her partying, has been involved in a few too many traffic incidents, most recently crashing her £160,000 Mercedes Benz Roadster after 'reportedly' being chased by paparazzi.

16% brought heiress Paris Hilton in a close second, who is currently paying her driving fine off in prison. Third, with 10% was Girl Aloud's Sarah Harding who crashed a £100,000 Ferrari before even making it out of the car park; fourth was Victoria Beckham (8%) with a recent driving offence in the US, narrowly beating Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria into fifth (5%).

Whether you believe men are better drivers than women, Jay Kay skidded into the overall lead with 31%. A love of super fast cars and a temper to match has resulted in numerous incidents, most famously having his £180,000 prized purple Lamborghini Diablo written off.

George Michael 'whammed' into second with 24%, despite only falling asleep behind the wheel of his non-moving car and parking at a 'dangerous angle'. 17% drove Mel Gibson into third after being caught driving recklessly; Man United star Wayne Rooney came fourth (10%) after a collision destroyed his BMW X5 in Stockport and funny man Paul O'Grady came fifth (7%) after being denounced: 'by far the worst driver' on a TV driving show.

"As we've discovered, some celebrities are unlucky drivers and are just as famous for their roadside antics as their profession," said Rob Noble, Empire Interactive marketing manager. "We recommend they create carnage on the roads and tracks of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage and act responsibly when driving in public."

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Survey Results:

Lindsay Lohan (25%)
Paris Hilton (16%)
Sarah Harding (10%)
Victoria Beckham (8%)
Eva Longoria (5%)

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