A new in-car recording device, which performs a similar function to an Aeroplane’s ‘black box’, could help millions of motorists settle the age-old dispute of who is at fault when involved in a car accident or collision.

The compact new ‘T-eye In-Car Driving Recording System’ from electronics retailer, Maplin, features a front and rear camera, built-in GPS and G-sensor to record audio and video footage and additional data - providing drivers with the evidence they need to solve a dispute after a bump or prang.

The built-in GPS receiver records a vehicle’s speed, location and the direction it was travelling in, whilst the G-sensor detects any sudden acceleration and deceleration and abnormal impacts to the vehicle, when involved in a collision.

Complete with 170-degree lens angle dual cameras for both the front and rear of the vehicle, this nifty piece of kit records vital footage continually on to the supplied SD card at around 20 frames per second, to provide a bird’s eye view of any incident. The cameras are also equipped with infrared for night vision and all the data and recorded footage is marked and stored within the device, so that it can then be analysed via the playback function.

With car park bumps and prangs leaving British drivers with a staggering £90m repair bill in the last 12 months, those at the wheel will be reassured to know that the T-eye In-Car Driving Recording System also operates when the car is stationary.

Wish I had one installed last week when I came out of the supermarket to find a dent in the car. Ingenious.

Jackie Violet - Female First