Slow drivers leave you feeling angry and irritable

Slow drivers leave you feeling angry and irritable

Slow drivers are the most annoying thing on the road, according to new research.

Sixty per cent of motorists experience an increase in stress levels and a heightened irritability when faced with a vechile driving slower than the rest of the traffic.

Not only are they annoying you though, the Department for Transport also reveals taht 143 accidents a year are caused directly by slow drivers or 'Sunday Drivers', as they are also referred to.

"Slow drivers need to be taken as seriously as motorists caught speeding," says Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at "Findings confirm they are a constant source of anxiety on UK roads and responsible for a large amount of accidents each year."

But there is little you can do from stopping people from driving too slow. This is why half of British motorists are supporting the idea to introduce the first ever 'slow speed camera' to the roads of the UK.

It's designed to specifically catch slow motorists, penalising them with a fine for driving slower than the mimimum speed limit.

Gareth continues: "We support the introduction of a programme of measures to eliminate this hazard as our research has highlighted that excessively slow driving is a real problem - the government introduced speed cameras and now even a super spped camera so should also consider the same rigour to combat slow driving as it could make a difference and helo reduce motorists putting themselves or others at risk."

Nearly a third of motorists have had an incident or a 'near miss' on the roads caused by a slow driver.

The introduction of a slow lane was also a popular choice in the survey, in the help to reduce the number of slow drivers on the road.

"All forms in inconsiderate driving need to be tackeled. Drivers who are unnecessarily excessively slow lead others to make rash moves," says Peter Rodger, cheif examiner from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Alternative names for slow drivers
Turtle chaser: A slow driver in the right lane on a motorway, being constantly under taken. Remember, undertaking is illegal don’t do it, even if you are frustrated by a turtle chaser

Slow Charles: A person who is in front of you, driving extremely slowly under the speed limit when there is no other traffic (most of the time under 25 mph).

Lane Hanger: A driver that stays in the passing lane without moving over to let faster cars pass by.

Gramps Champ: The overly slow and cautious driver, usually elderly but not necessarily, who manages to stay in front of you in traffic. They turn where you want to turn, exit where you want to exit, and go into the same car park as you etc.

Feather foot: The opposite of a lead foot. Someone who takes forever to get up to speed.

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