Honda launched their new Honda e in the beautiful surroundings of Windsor’s  Amber Lakes.

The Honda e

The Honda e

The Honda e is the brand’s first real push into the world of all-electric motoring and we were given the opportunity to drive the Honda e on a beautiful scenic route which  takes you through the Windsor countryside and into the nearby towns to evaluate the cars city-driving capabilities.

Described as ‘totally unique’ – inspired by an ‘inside out’ concept, the interior of the car is designed to feel like an extension of your living room – a tranquil space away from the bustle of the city.

While the exterior of the car is true to Honda’s Japanese heritage and reflects a minimal, simplistic style.

The Honda e is charming, endearing, and easy to fall in love with, its head turning curvy retro looks and circular headlights it making it a really cute looking motor.

Futuristic – it’s a car, with many forward, thinking ideas including, flush door handles that feature cameras instead of door mounted wing mirrors.

Door mounted camera
Door mounted camera

The Honda e is not all cute style but no substance, the looks are backed up by the tech to give the car genuinely excellent driving manners. It feels nippy around town, with plenty of grip especially when wizzing around roundabouts and tight corners - the Honda e has a super tight turning circle. In town it could almost make the three-point turn redundant it’s so tight. 

The ride is also comfortable as the Honda e’s suspension deals with the roads smoothing out broken tarmac and potholes with ease

Inside the Honda e is packed with an unashamed amount of tech, but I would add it is so easy to use.

Honda e Dashboard
Honda e Dashboard

A nine inch display screen sits behind the steering wheel, with the speedo and remaining range, alongside this are two 12 inch infotainment touchscreens. Then at either end of the dash sit the display screens for the door handle cameras that replace the wing mirrors.

When it comes to parking a must have feature particularly in City driving the Honda e sports the Honda Parking Pilot, which assists the driver in locating an appropriate space and then manoeuvring the car efficiently into it. It does this through the use of four cameras and 12 sonar sensors. A multi-view camera detects the white line of a parking spot, while the sensors recognise the actual parking space.

Honda have produced a futuristic car packed with the latest technology, but still takes some of its looks from the past. Great to drive, sharp, and well behaved. The Honda e is good fun to drive, good too look at, well equipped, and easy to charge.   


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