Kerb Appeal

The RZ 450e Takumi direct4 is certainly an eye catching car. Taking its grill of other models in the Lexus ranges (but in this case the grill is smoothed) - out EV's after all don't need cooling slits. Sweeping lines rise up and over the roofline before dropping sharply through to the spoiler at the rear with its two small fins that finish the crisp look off. 

Interior Space

Inside is pure quality, with faux leather and suede in abundance, quality black plastics, silver trim lining the dashboard and centre console, while all the main surfaces are soft to touch hi-grade plastic. All the switchgear is well-built, everywhere premium materials give an ultimate feel of luxury throughout. Then above is the dimmable panoramic roof that adds a classic touch of luxury.

The driver is nicely cocooned in the driving seat due to the higher centre console between them and the front seat passenger. There is plenty of headroom, good adjustment on the steering column and seat for even the tallest of drivers. 

These seat adjustments mean the driver has exellent back and under-leg support making even the longest of journeys comfortable and relaxing.

The RZ 450e Takumi Direct4 has plenty of storage, there are two good-sized cupholders, a large cubby under the armrest that can be opened from both sides, roomy door bins and a place for your phone. 

Rear Space

In the back - again there is ample leg and headroom, and the reclining seat means passengers can easily get comfortable.

Although with three rear seat passengers it is a bit cosy, but not uncomfortable fit. You can fit a child seat without any issues with well positioned and readily accessible ISOFIX anchor points.

As in the front storage space is plentiful, the seat pockets are substantial, and there are a couple of handy size door bins as well as cupholders in the middle armrest. You also get two USB-C charging ports to keep your mobile devices topped up.

Boot space

There is just over 520-litre of boot space, so the Lexus RZ 450e Takumi is well catered for in this area. Additionally by folding the rear seat down via the buttons on the seat backs this gives a good sized flat space of around 1500 litres, perfect to easily slide heavy or awkward to handle luggage or suitcases in. 



There is also an excellent infotainment system with a 14.0-inch central touchscreen that has good graphics using the latest software, similar to that used on many of the  Lexus ranges. Clear graphics make the navigation map and other displays look especially crisp. Additionally you do get a very clear quality head-up display. 

Driving the Lexus RZ 450e Takumi Direct4

In Town/City

Light steering makes for easy manoeuvring and comfortable suspension smooths out the bumps and potholes on urban roads. There is a reversing camera and our model had an all-round camera view to further aid with navigating city streets. The cameras are helpful as the view out of the rear window is slightly restricted due to the narrow window and large pillars either side additionally the wing mirrors are good. 


We found our Lexus Z 450e Takumi Direct4 is relaxing, comfortable vehicle to drive. The outside tyre and wind noise was minimal, and being an electric vehicle there is no engine noise.

You get up to speed swiftly enough, with the dual motors developing 313hp allowing for safe overtaking or easy acceleration in traffic on the motorway.

Country Driving

The RZ was fun to drive, stable, precise and rigid, not normally what you get from a large electric SUV. 

Dropping it into sport mode, you get better throttle response and a heavier feel to the steering. With the batteries being mounted low down there is no discernable body roll, the RZ 450e Direct4 feels nice and agile for a SUV. 

Even in sport mode the suspension soaks up the bumps and rough surfaces really well and gives you a smooth ride.

Safety & Battery

All models in the RZ range feature the same 71.4kWh battery pack and dual-motor setup. Depending on which wheel size you choose, the softer riding 18-inch units or more stylish but less efficient 20-inch versions – you get an official 272 or 252 miles respectively on a full charge. On test we came in with a consitent 230 to 240 miles on the 20-inch version.

Lexus are known for their high quality and safety, and the RZ 450e Takumi Direct4 is no different, it is a very secure and safe car having recently received a top five-star safety rating by independent test organisation Euro NCAP.

Safety features as standard, include, lane keep assist, driver attention monitoring, blind spot monitoring, front and rear cross traffic alert, the adaptive high beam system, and adaptive cruise control. 

The RZ 450e Takumi Direct4 comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty. To give you additional peace of mind, you can get an extra year and 10,000 miles every time you service at a Lexus dealer, all the way up to the car being 10 years old


The Lexus RZ 450e Takumi Direct4 that we had on test certainly lived up to the Lexus reputation. It was as very

On test the Lexus RZ 450e Takumi was a pleasure to drive, well-mannered to drive in town where the many safety features came into play making driving so much easier. On the motorway,  it remained smooth and relaxing to drive leaving the driver feeling ready for the job in hand on arrival at their destination no matter what distance they had travelled. On the country roads again it handled like a dream, taking sharp corners as if on rails and smoothing out the many potholes to give a great ride.

The Lexus RZ450e Takumi Direct4 is a Luxury SUV leader, that knows how to look after its passengers and delivering them safely at their destination feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

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