Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs

Glenn Close is one of the most versatile actresses that works in Hollywood at the moment and that versatility is shown once again this week with Albert Nobbs.

The actress was Oscar nominated for role as Albert Nobbs in the movie, a woman who poses as a man as a means to be independent and survive.

And we have an exclusive clip from the movie for you to take a look at:

Albert Nobbs really has been a passion project for Close who helped adapted the screenplay from the short story The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs by George Moore.

Rodrigo García is in the director's chair for the movie in what is his first directorial outing since Mother and Child.

As you would expect with a project dear to Close's heart a fine cast of experience and youth as been assembled.

Close is joined by the likes of Janet McTeer and Brendan Gleeson while Mia Wasikowska and Aaron Johnson are also on the cast list.

19th century Ireland: a woman with no husband or family and without work would face a bleak life of poverty and loneliness.

Albert, a shy butler who keeps himself to himself, has been hiding a deep secret for years - ‘he’ is a woman who has had to dress and behave as a man all her life in order to escape this fate.

When handsome painter Hubert Page arrives at the hotel, Albert is inspired to try and escape the false life she has created for herself.

She gathers her nerves to court beautiful, saucy young maid Helen in whom she thinks she’s found a soul-mate - but Helen’s eye is on a new arrival: handsome, bad-boy Joe, the new handy-man!

As Albert dares to hope that she might one day live a normal life, we catch a glimpse of a free-spirited woman who is caught in the wrong time.

Albert Nobbs is released 27th April

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