Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror

This week sees the evil Queen take centre stage again as Julia Roberts returns to the big screen in Mirror Mirror, a re-telling of Snow White.

And so we took a long at some of the actresses who have played evil queens over the years.

- Julia Roberts - Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts was one of the first actors to be cast by Tarsem Singh for this movie as it sees her tackle a very different role.

Clementianna is a little strapped for cash and she believes that by taking control of the throne, which belong to Snow White, all her problems will be solved.

So Snow White is banished to the forest while Clementianna has her eye on a prince, played by Armie Hammer.

This is a role that sees Roberts play the comedy card, she really does have some great one-liners. But when you take something that isn't yours you will always get your comeuppance.

- Susan Sarandon - Enchanted

This is not the type of movie that you would expect to see Susan Sarandon starring in but she took on the role of Queen Narissa in Enchanted back in 2007.

And she really did embody evil perfectly and she banishes Giselle to modern day New York when her stepson announces he is to marry her.

But when Edward goes to save her Narissa is also forced to visit New York City to make sure that Giselle never returns.

Sarandon is simply terrific as Narissa and she just steals ever scene that she is in - there is a real menace to her.

- Helena Bonham Carter - Alice In Wonderland

First and foremost Helena Bonham Carter looks fantastic in this movie from start to finish with her rather huge head.

Her role is riddled with dark humour that works so well, she is the perfect opposite to Johnny Depp's depiction of the Hatter.

Carter just as a scene stealing role as the no nonsense fiery Queen who is more likely to behead you that talk to you - she really is just fantastic!!

- Tilda Swinton - The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe hit the big screen in 2005 and Tilda Swinton was one of the biggest names on the cast list as she took on the role of the White Witch.

The White Witch has power over all of Narnia and she is determined to keep hold of that power. But when the Pevensie children come to Narnia all that starts to unfold and she is willing to kill them to keep her throne.

Swinton is superb as the White Witch as her desperation to keep power brings out the very worst in her - the sacrifice scene shows her at her cruellest.

- Jean Marsh - Willow

If you have never seen Willow then you are missing out on a major treat as it is the film that introduced many of us to Warwick Davis while Val Kilmer is a sword swinging action hero.

But there is not action adventure without an evil presence and they don't come more evil than Queen Bavmorda.

While she may be sitting pretty on her throne and slaying people left, right and centre Bavmorda fears one thing... the birth of Laura Danan who will bring about her demise.

And so she will stop at nothing to hunt down Willow and kill the child he is carrying - she even turns her own daughter into a pig, nice!!

Mirror Mirror is out now

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