Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Robin Williams is one of the most unconventional, brave and controversial Hollywood actors, mixing and matching comedy with tragedy.

To celebrate William’s up and coming flick Old Dogs we have put together a comprehensive list of his most beloved performances.

1. Good Morning Vietnam

Robin Williams shakes up Saigon during the Vietnam War in the role the critics agree he was born to play: the irreverent DJ Adrian Cronauer.

Imported by the Army for an early morning radio show, Cronauer blasts the airways with a constant barrage of improvised humour and the latest tunes from the US. Causing controversy and outrage, the GI’s adore him.

There was a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance and although he did miss out he did win the Golden Globe.

2. Dead Poets Society

When charismatic English teacher John Keating arrives at the Welton Academy in Vermont, his unconventional teaching methods breathe new life into the traditionally stale school curriculum.

With his wit and wisdom, Keating inspires his students to pursue their individual passions and avoid leading ‘lives of quiet desperation’.

For his role in Dead Poets Society the actor went on to be nominated for another Best Actor Oscar.

3. Hook

Undoubtedly one of the best Peter Pan spin offs, Hook also starred the legendary Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts in recreating Neverland for contemporary audiences.

The kidnapping of successful business man Peter Banning’s (Williams) kids takes him on a long journey of self discovery, highlighting what’s important in life.

4. Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting, played by a young Matt Damon, is a undiscovered genius from a working class background in Boston.

While being employed as a janitor at the Harvard, he's discovered by a renowned mathematics professor who eventually tries to get Will to turn his life around. With the help of counsellor Sean Maguire (Williams), Will begins to transform his life.

For his role as Maguire he finally got his hands on an Oscar, for Best Supporting Actor.

5. Mrs Doubtfire

Not all families can claim that the father is the best nanny in the house! In this top ‘90’s family film, William’s transforms into the lovable Mrs Doubtfire with the help of a latex mask and an extra large vintage dress.

Desperate to prove to his children that he is not a hopeless case, Daniel Hillard does his best as Mrs Doubtfire to spend some quality time with his kids following his divorce.

Other performances that are well worth checking out include The Fisher King, Aladdin, Night At The Museum and I personally am a big fan of Jack.

Old Dogs is released 19th March.

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