Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek returns to the big screen this week, well her voice does at least, with new animation movie Puss In Boots.

The film reunites her with Antonio Banderas for the first of the spin off movies from the Shrek franchise.

So celebrate the release of the movie we take a look at some of Hayek's leading men over the years.

Antonio Banderas

Hayek teamed up with Banderas for the first time back in 1995 when they starred in Desperado, which was directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Their sizzling chemistry was a real plus point for the movie and they both reprised their characters in 2003 for Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

And this week they team up again for Puss In Boots as Banderas returns as the popular feline hero.

But a new franchise calls for a new heroine and Hayek is it as she voices that character of Kitty Softpaws.

George Clooney

From Dusk Til Dawn remains a great watch ever now, fifteen years after it was released, and sees Hayek team up with the always lovely George Clooney.

And Clooney wasn't the only big name on the cast list as Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino also starred.

The movie followed Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results.

And sexy Salma turned in a very sultry performance... but she isn't what she appears to be!

Matthew Perry

Hayek swapped horror for comedy in 1997 as she teamed up with Friends star Matthew Perry for Fools Rush In.

Directed by Andy Tennant the movie follows Isabel and Alex as they rush into marriage when falling pregnant after a one night stand.

The movie looks at the compromises and decisions that have to be made when trying to make a relationship work.

Ok so this is not the greatest movie that Hayek has ever made but there was great chemistry between the pair.

Will Smith

'We're going straight to the Wild Wild West' yes Hayek teamed up with Will Smith in 1999 for the Barry Sonnenfeld directed Wild Wild West.

Hayek took on the role of Rita Escobar who will stop at nothing to save her 'father' from the clutches of villain Loveless.

Smith and Kevin Kline are also out to stop the same man and battle hard for the affections of Rita.

Smith was his charismatic self in the movie and Hayek sizzles alongside him in scenes where they have some real chemistry - but Rita has a secret!

Alfred Molina

Hayek's finest moment came in 2003 when took on the role of artist Frida Kahlo in a biopic about her life.

Directed by Julie Taymor the movie followed her life story - including her work and her troubled marriage to Diego - played by Alfred Molina.

Both actors delivered superb performances as they really got under the skin of their characters and brought them to life.

It's a passionate, tender and tragic story with two terrific performances at it's core.

Adam Sandler

She returned to comedy last year with Grown Ups, which was one of the best movies in the genre in 2010.

The movie sees Hayek and Sandler as a married couple Lenny & Roxanne who meet up with old friends for a weekend.

This movie is laugh out loud funny as Sandler & Hayek are a perfect comedy pair - both with different ideas on money, life, friends and work.

Puss In Boots is released 9th December

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