The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense


The moment that viewers realise Bruce Willis's character is in fact dead in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense is the biggest shock in film according to over 1,000 film fans.
To mark the DVD & Blu-ray release of Robert Pattinson film Remember Me (out on Monday 26th July), film company E1 Entertainment polled UK film fans across the country to find out the top film shocks given Remember Me's own ending.
The reveal of Norman Bates masquerading as his murderous mother in cult 1960 Hitchcock film Psycho came as the second biggest shock (16 per cent) to viewers who had up to that point believed that Norman was the seemingly innocent son burdened by his mentally ill mother.
Finding out that Kevin Spacey was in fact The Usual Suspect's villain Keyser Söze all along was third in the list as the truth slotted into place in the final moments of the film. 

The film ended with 'crippled victim' Spacey walking off his limp for an easy getaway as the detective slowly realised the murderer's true identity (14 per cent).
Possibly the world's worst Dad, Darth Vader's paternal bombshell to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back gave a jaw-drop moment in fourth place (11 per cent), whilst in fifth place, Saw had audiences wailing as they discovered that 'Jigsaw' was the man in the bathroom - and that he is alive the whole time (10 per cent).
Fight Club delivered a violent blow as it dawned on audiences that Edward Norton's unnamed character is in fact the film's Tyler Durden - a split personality of himself played by Brad Pitt all along (sixth place with seven per cent).
Pagan rituals in the 1973 film The Wicker Man shocked in seventh (six per cent) as the film's protagonist Edward Woodward realises he has been set up to become a human sacrifice. 

In eighth place spooky goings on pulled the wool over audiences as Nicole Kidman and family are revealed to be the real ghosts in The Others (four per cent).
Making his second appearance on the list, the revelation that Kevin Spacey had manipulated the events of Se7en had audiences reeling in ninth place whilst the tenth biggest film shock of all time is the moment that Charlton Heston discovers that he is in fact on a future Earth the whole time in the original The Planet of the Apes (two and one per cent respectively).
The Biggest Film Shocks of all time are:
1. Sixth Sense [1999] - that Bruce Willis' character is in fact dead (19%)
2. Psycho [1960] - that 'Norman Bates' dresses up as his mother (16%)
3. The Usual Suspects [1995] - that Kevin Spacey is in fact the villain 'Keyser Soze' (14%)
4. The Empire Strikes Back [1980] - that 'Darth Vader' is Luke Skywalker's father (11%)
5. Saw [2004] - that 'Jigsaw' is alive and is the man in the bathroom the whole time (10%)
6. Fight Club [1999] - that Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are the same person (7%)
7. The Wicker Man [1973] - that Edward Woodward's character has been led to the island to become the ritual sacrifice (6%)
8. The Others [2001] - that Nicole Kidman and family are ghosts too (4%)
9. Se7en [1995] - that Kevin Spacey's character has manipulated the whole film to engineer is own eventual death by Brad Pitt (2%)
10. Planet of the Apes [1968] - that the setting is in fact Earth in the future (1%)
Others (10 per cent)
Martin Gough, Senior Product Manager at E1 Entertainment commented: "The Sixth Sense will always be remembered for its 'I see dead people' line, which actually should have given the game away for Willis a lot sooner than it did. 
"It's clear that the public loves an ultimate shock and Remember Me's is both sudden and poignant at the same time, revealing its twist before the credits roll.

Robert Pattinson fans will undoubtedly be the first to relive the moment as it reaches the small screen for its DVD &
Blu-ray release."